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The Banks Peninsula A&P Association’s Little River Show  is one of the most popular A&P Shows in Canterbury with over 3000 people through the gates each year.

The trade space has consistently sold out well before the show date. The 2012 Centenary Show saw the introduction of the Peninsula to Plate competition and gourmet marquee which proved to be a huge hit for local farmers and foodies. With more space being put aside for this popular new addition to the show, there’s never been a better time to enjoy what Banks Peninsula has to offer.

As always there’s plenty of entertainment for the children, and of course no shortage of stock and horses to view.

We offer three types of trade space:

  • A tender system is offered for all food/drink and side show entertainment.
  • A per lineal metre frontage is offered for normal trade space (selling items other than food/drink or providing side show entertainment).
  • An application for space in the Peninsula to Plate marquee.

The tender system offers all interested parties an equal opportunity to vie for space to sell food/drink or provide side show entertainment. We fix a limit of 3x coffee outlets and 2x ice cream outlets so each successful tender can capitalise their daily takings. Likewise no one company can monopolise the side show entertainment. You simply tender the value you feel you should pay to take the trade space you require for the day.

Here’s the trade tender form to download and complete

The normal trade space is purchased by the lineal metre frontage. The depth of all trade space is 10m. The minimum frontage is 4m. The cost for normal trade space is $18 per lineal metre. The space requested must include caravan drawbars and guy ropes for tents. Limited power sites are also available for a fixed $25 connection fee. You will need to apply early to avoid disappointment.

Here’s the normal trade space form to download and complete

Tenders for 2018 are open now! 

If you have any questions regarding either tendered space or normal trade space please do not hesitate contacting the trade space convenor, David Kearns, on 0277 209296 or 329 0995 a/h.

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